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Recommended seed suppliers for market gardeners

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Here are our favourite seeds suppliers that offer bulk buying options that are perfect for commercial market gardens. We have also included a list of seed companies we use who specialise in organic heirloom, rare and true seeds.

Commercial seed suppliers

Organic heirloom, rare and true seed suppliers

Learn more about market gardening

If you would like to learn more about market gardening in person, or to visit our working market garden, please take a look at our Events page to see what workshops and open days we have coming up soon.


Vidmate App
Vidmate App

<a href="">chilternseedsdirect</a> Grow microgreens by sowing seeds densely in trays, providing adequate light, and keeping the soil consistently moist. Harvest when the first true leaves appear for a nutritious and flavorful addition to salads and dishes. Microgreens offer a quick and rewarding way to enjoy fresh greens at home.

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