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Essential tools and equipment for the market gardener

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Running a productive market garden with a small team (just the two of us!) means it's really important that we have the right tools to make our work as efficient and enjoyable as possible. Covering everything from hand tools to machinery to polytunnels, here are our favourite tried-and-tested tools and equipment for the garden.

Regenerative Agriculture Tools

Based in Devon, suppliers of Glaser Hand tools, the indispensable broad fork and much else besides that is of real practical use to the small scale market gardener. Find out more at

Mantis tiller

The wonderful Mantis tiller creates a fantastic tilth for planting while being extremely light and easy to manoeuvre. Find out more at

Manufactum tools

Fabulous hand tools including a hand harrow and hand push plough/hoe. Find out more at

Caterpillar tunnels in the UK

For information and guidance in the construction and use of Caterpillar Tunnels, find out more at To source Caterpillar Tunnels in the UK contact Jake at Oxton Organics.

The Scythe Shop

For everything related to the art of scything. Find out more at


We use Northern Tunnels and Premier Tunnels for our fixed polytunnels.

Seed trays

We use PG Horticulture's 'Herkuplast trays'. Find out more at

Crop covers

We use Wondermesh's superior quality crop covers to protect our produce. Find out more at

The Happy Garden

The place to go in the UK for the Coolbot temperature control unit to create a low cost cold store room. Speak to Paul at

Learn more about market gardening

If you would like to learn more about market gardening in person, or to visit our working market garden, please take a look at our Events page to see what workshops and open days we have coming up soon.


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