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Welcome to Wild Garden, a sustainable small-scale market garden in Somerset. We produce seasonal and naturally grown salad leaves, vegetables and herbs that are sold through a range of local outlets and to local restaurants and caterers. All our produce is sold within 10 miles of the garden so it’s always super fresh.

As a small-scale venture we focus on producing quick turnover crops grown in great soil that is full of life. This allows us to grow quite intensively through the main season and then rest and renew the soil by planting green manures and applying organic matter over the winter. We grow completely naturally and our produce is simply washed in fresh water where needed, so our customers can be completely sure they are only putting good food in their bodies that have no hidden treatments or additives. 


We use regenerative, no-till growing methods to care for our land, our produce and to work harmoniously with nature and the seasons.


"For the true measure of agriculture is not the sophistication of its equipment, the size of its income, or even the statistics of its productivity, but the good health of the land."

- Wendell Berry

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